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Cool Science Projects For Kids For The Science Fair

Have you ever wondered why students and parents alike dislike 4th grade science projects so strongly? Once again, we look forward to the mandatory and yearly stunning displays of the 4th grade science project. Why are these assigned, are they actually a requirement, and what is the point in doing an 4th grade science project? These questions and many more are often the fuel used to light fires by parents all over, because they seem to lack an understanding of the need for an 4th grade science project.

If you stop for a moment and take a look at what the main excuse is for not having a 4th grade science project turned in on time, you may be surprised to find that most parents are in fact guilty of taking over their child’s(rens) 4th grade science project in an attempt to turn it in on time. Most of this dislike of 4th grade science projects is due in part from a lack of adhering to the schedule set by their instructors, which allows them to end up late for everything and rushing at the last minute to create an 4th grade science project that was spanned over several months, into one night before it is due. By allowing this reaction to an 4th grade science project to become normal behavior, we are, in essence, setting ourselves up for future disasters by creating mindless generations that have no understanding of how to organize, plan, exert effort, and use their brains.

We are teaching our children, by allowing them to procrastinate, when it comes to their 4th grade science project that it is all right to let things slide, to plan for another day because we do not feel like doing something today. Not only are the children who are supposed to be doing the 4th grade science project, being given a bad example, but also they are being shown that no matter what mistakes they make, their mom and dad will do the work for them — regardless of the consequences.

A bit dramatic to make as a statement from why children have been lazy in the past when it comes to completing a 4th grade science project? I think not. It is our duty as parents to encourage our children to do their best in all their endeavors, even the 4th grade science project, and everything else in life. We never know when that one action we encouraged could lead to their main future direction. Ultimately, the way we allow our children to develop, even from completing an 4th grade science project, is the kind of adults we are encouraging them to be. Do we have secret desires for our children to end up as bums on the street? Perhaps we would prefer them to have no jobs for the duration of their adult life. These statements are not only ridiculous, but they hold no weight as being valid either.

We all want the best for our children, and if it means suffering through complaints and sighs of frustration until we have taught them the importance of the 4th grade science project, and how it will affect their outlook on life, then so be it.

GOD and Science: Does Science Exclude God or Does God Include Science?


In a recent symposium in New York City, scientists who both believed and disbelieved in God discussed the problematic issue of science and religion. Opponents of a Supreme Being involved in creating our universe framed their arguments around their beliefs that centuries of scientifically proven biological experiments and theoretical physics and mathematics exclude God’s participation, while proponents took the opposite view where they felt that science cannot answer all the mysteries of life and there must be something more.

Highlights of the Conference:

Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University, suggested that God was more of an abstraction because religion had no direct role to play in explaining our world. At the same time, he felt that science could and has adequately answered most of our worldly questions. A contrary view was taken by author Dinesh D’Souza who indicated that science and religion were two fundamentally independent entities. D’Souza argued that while science can help tell us about how our universe began and progressed, science cannot answer why the universe exists, the purpose of our existence, and what will come afterward. Ian Hutchinson, a professor of nuclear and engineering at MIT, acknowledged that although science can help us understand the world, science was still compatible with a separate role for religion. This role was disputed by Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, who counter argued that a Supreme God was just one of a thousand gods who have disappeared from the public eye.

God From the Beginning:

In my opinion, you just can’t count the last five-hundred years of scientific advances as Dr. Krauss suggests. You need to search for God from the beginning of the universe and through the billions of years of planetary existence. No scientist can explain the origin of life, or even the inner workings of Evolution. Although scientists can offer hypotheses on God’s miracles, no experimental evidence exists to exclude God from creating our entire world. In fact quite the opposite, God was, He is, and He will be. He travels at incredible speeds ― one million times the speed of light and is independent of time. God is Omnipresent or present everywhere simultaneously. Sadly science, for the most part, has chosen to ignore unexplainable events like the wonders of nature, supernatural experiences with angels, or human experiences out of the ordinary like looking down from the ceiling in a hospital surgical room and seeing yourself dying on the operating table. Can science explain how God spoke His Commandments from the Heavens in a ear-deafening booming “Voice” at Mount Sinai to 600,000 plus Israelites? Or how He could speak to Adam and Eve and Satan the Devil in the Garden of Eden, or to the biblical Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, kings David and Solomon, the Hebrew prophets or even to a sperm whale that swallowed the prophet Jonah? Do scientists really believe that they can attribute the intricacies of the miraculous workings of the human body at the cellular level to evolutionary principles without the aid of a Supreme Being master designer?

Certainly science cannot explain the Divine soul. God’s limitless Light energy supplies the seven billion souls on earth that each of us incorporate into our bodies during the fetal period in our mothers’ wombs. Because we carry this tiny piece of His Light energy as our Divine souls, God is Omniscient or all knowing and He knows what’s transpiring in the hidden nooks and crannies of our minds. Our soul energy like oxygen is necessary for life and has a brain independent of our human brains. Both the soul and body cooperate to generate human function. His special Light energy also pervades the entire three dimensional space of the atmosphere and gives mass to elementary particles which is essential to the structure of matter and life itself. In relation to our individual soul mini brains, God has trillions of times more energy which accounts for His Omnipotence or limitless powers.

The Long View:

I have an unshakable belief in, trust, and love of God. However, I am a scientist in my core being and I try to bring science into my writings about God and spirituality. My personal long held view these past fourteen years is that God is the master scientist, and that our whole world from the inception of the universe is His creation. Life has been one master experiment that God designed to test whether the human species could improve their character so that He could lead us from an imperfect world to a future world where all evil will be subdued and humans will become spiritual human beings. Each of us has been given a lifetime to correct our faults and it would be wise on our part to choose to live a meaningful life in the “now” in whatever time is left for each of us.

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether God with His immense knowledge actually predetermined our world so that we would discover what we have discovered these past earthly centuries? What scientists have learned about the human body, God knew about long before humans ever existed. The same is true of our universe. It was God Who was in charge of natural events which initiated the Big Bang. God pre-planned everything even the Free Will He gave us to map our own destinies. Furthermore He has provided each of us with moral tests in our lives to determine who of us will be admitted into the second Garden of Eden in the Messianic Age. NO! Science cannot exclude God because God already included science in His master plan to shape the world. If you don’t believe me, you will when God sets foot on our planet in the near future.